Reduce your new hire costs with our powerful onboarding platform!

We have a track record of saving money and achieving positive ROI with our partners. And the icing on the cake...we can integrate with your existing ATS and payroll services.

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Stop losing time & money because of your onboarding process.

EmployStream provides staffing firms with a leading Software-as-a-Service platform to help them hire faster and reduce onboarding costs.  We are specialized in onboarding and integrate seamlessly with other platforms.  Staffing firms can expect to:

  • Onboard new hires 90% faster
  • Reduce the cost of onboarding by more than 50%
  • Reach 55% more talent with mobile friendly solutions
  • Eliminate compliance errors and preventable mistakes
  • Improve the applicant and employee experience

Hire 90% Faster

Our totally automated, digital process is completed in a fraction of the time of traditional hiring methods without the waiting and delays that are normally present.


Reduce Hiring Costs

Watch productivity increase and costs decrease by 50% or more when we take over the hiring process. All that money spend on paper, toner, storage and data entry sure adds up!


Improve The Experience

Provide a top notch applicant and employee experience with an electronic hiring process. Reduce applicant drop off and keep your employees engaged by providing them with simple, easy to use tools.


"Speed is the currency of today. When it comes to onboarding, moving candidates through the hiring process with speed, ease, and compliance is essential. Time is money, and EmployStream has built a system that optimizes both."
Mike Jacoutot
Founder and Managing Partner, Butler Street